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Mental Health & Substance Abuse Holistic Psychotherapy, Addiction Counseling, Health & Wellness Consulting, Holistic & Intuitive Life Coaching, Spiritual & Transformational Psychotherapy, Addiction Interventionist For Clients & Families, Inner Soul Healing and Recovery Solutions, Owner, President & Founder Milwaukee, WI

Joanne L. Barian specializes in helping individuals and families survive and overcome mental health and substance abuse through her expertise in Holistic Psychotherapy, Family Interventions involving individuals suffering from substance abuse related issues, Addiction Counseling, Health & Wellness Consulting, and Holistic & Intuitive Life Coaching, in addition to Spiritual & Transformational Psychotherapy.

She became interested in a career as a psychotherapist when she was 18 years old, as a volunteer for a crisis hotline. Early on, Joanne had a natural ability to help others dealing with a variety of different mental health and substance abuse related issues, such as depression, anxiety, and domestic violence as well as individuals suffering with suicidal and homicidal feelings. After college, Joanne founded Inner Soul Healing and Recovery Solutions, where she continues to help others thrive in life after painful personal experiences.

“Helping individuals has always been my life’s mission, vision, and purpose, having a sense of commitment and passion for helping others find healthy and workable solutions in making effective changes in their lives. In a concerted effort with my clients, I help them to develop constructive measures of remembering, realizing, and revealing their soul purpose, assisting clients in uncovering their natural born gifts, talents, & successes. Assisting them in becoming their “Authentic Selves” by teaching constructive methods of tapping into their potential & assisting in the process of learning to “Give graciously, receive gratefully, believe dearly, love deeply & live consciously”.

Joanne is the sole owner and operator of the business, performing all daily operations. This includes managing finances, scheduling appointments, organizing community events, marketing, local and national level recruiting and marketing, conducting live webinars, teleconferences, and seminars in addition to working hourly with client sessions — individuals, couples, families, and groups.

While managing this seemingly endless stream of tasks is often a challenge, Joanne takes great joy in her work. She draws strength from fellow spiritual mentors, intuitive healers, spiritual teachers, psychotherapists, and holistic authors as well as her own personal struggles with addiction and recovery.

“Some professional challenges would include actually going through my own journey of recovery, which I began about four years ago. As a result, I regained my sense of self through my spirituality. I chose to use my own personal journey to then assist other people going the same struggles of addiction. It has become an incredibly empowering, rewarding, and enlightening experience, to now take my professional training and education, and also my personal journey of recovery to assist my clients in a whole new comprehensive way.”

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and a Master of Social Work with a specialization in marriage and family therapy from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Additionally she is a member of several industry related organizations including The Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy, The American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, The National Association of Social Workers, The National Certification Commission of Addiction Professionals, The American Psychology Association, and The National Association of Distinguished Professionals, as well as having received the most recent honor of becoming certified in 2016, in Holistic Life and Wellness Coaching, in addition to becoming licensed and certified in the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapists, Healers, and Coaches.

“My soul’s purpose and life’s mission is to teach people new, exciting and innovating ways to invoke spirituality into their lives, guiding them toward transforming their human experience, giving my clients permission to see a new world of enlightenment & awakening, beginning to tap into different levels of consciousness & alternative spiritual levels”. Her life’s mission includes “helping people to realize their full potential, tap into their creativity & their Authentic Self, & to align with their passion & true spirit. Through the “Recovery of the Soul…. the “Inner Soul Healing”….the part of you that remembers exactly who you are….you will regain the ability to return to THAT which you were created to be in the first place”. “It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Were Meant To Become.”

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Hi, I’m Joanne Barian, MSW, LCSW, NCCAP, SAP, CHLC, AAMFT, a Holistic Psychotherapist, Addiction Specialist, Inspirational Life & Soul Coach, & Health/Wellness Energy Healer. I am the President & Founder of Inner Soul Healing & Recovery Solutions. I specialize in helping people to remember &realize their natural born gifts, talents, & potential, to become the person they were meant to be, find balance with their mind, body, Spirit & emotions, & discover a life filled with promise, Joy, love, kindness & Soul Purpose. I offer individual, couples, family & group psychotherapy services to adults, adolescents and children. I also offer webinars, teleconferences, Transformational workshops & seminars to businesses & organizations. I am an avid lover of nature, all animals, rescue work with dogs/cats, music, family & friends, the ocean, films, walks on the beach, the piano & percussion (drumming), meditation, & quiet romantic moments spent with my Spouse, my Beloved. I consider it to be a privilege, as well as a passion, mission, & my Soul Purpose, to play an intricate role in assisting others to find their true meaning & joy in life. I am honored to have found my Life Purpose in helping others on their Spiritual Path to find happiness, balance, wellness, & to discover their Authentic Selves. YOU CAN GET MY 2 FREE GIFTS , “7 SOULFUL TIPS TO BALANCE YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT” AND “A HOLISTIC APPROACH IN HEALING ADDICTION” PODCAST:  DOWNLOAD FREE GIFTS HERE OR CONTACT ME AT innersoulhealing16@gmail.com.