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Loving Yourself is The Answer

Returning to the natural state of Unconditional Love is the answer. Loving ourselves is the focal point and the answer to becoming happier and more compassionate towards others. Peace becomes the goal through the consistent practice of love and compassion towards others. The two concepts of love are: “BEING THE LOVE” and “SHARING THE LOVE”. Being the love focuses on self-acceptance and self-awareness, altering your perspective of your circumstances resulting in more peace, joy, and happiness. Removing any barriers to sustained and meaningful change, thus, tapping into your greater potential, Life Purpose, Passion and your Life’s Mission.

To share the love, the focus becomes learning to feel a sense of hope and an authentic connection and bond with others. Reducing your anger, frustration and judgment toward others, and fulfilling relationships of substance with others. “BEING THE CHANGE IN THE WORLD THAT YOU WISH TO SEE”. Working toward removing any barriers to love and compassion, by identifying and becoming aware of your own “self-limiting” habits and behavior patterns.

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Hi, I’m Joanne Barian, MSW, LCSW, NCCAP, SAP, CHLC, AAMFT, a Holistic Psychotherapist, Addiction Specialist, Inspirational Life & Soul Coach, & Health/Wellness Energy Healer. I am the President & Founder of Inner Soul Healing & Recovery Solutions. I specialize in helping people to remember &realize their natural born gifts, talents, & potential, to become the person they were meant to be, find balance with their mind, body, Spirit & emotions, & discover a life filled with promise, Joy, love, kindness & Soul Purpose. I offer individual, couples, family & group psychotherapy services to adults, adolescents and children. I also offer webinars, teleconferences, Transformational workshops & seminars to businesses & organizations. I am an avid lover of nature, all animals, rescue work with dogs/cats, music, family & friends, the ocean, films, walks on the beach, the piano & percussion (drumming), meditation, & quiet romantic moments spent with my Spouse, my Beloved. I consider it to be a privilege, as well as a passion, mission, & my Soul Purpose, to play an intricate role in assisting others to find their true meaning & joy in life. I am honored to have found my Life Purpose in helping others on their Spiritual Path to find happiness, balance, wellness, & to discover their Authentic Selves. YOU CAN GET MY 2 FREE GIFTS , “7 SOULFUL TIPS TO BALANCE YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT” AND “A HOLISTIC APPROACH IN HEALING ADDICTION” PODCAST:  DOWNLOAD FREE GIFTS HERE OR CONTACT ME AT innersoulhealing16@gmail.com.
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